Friday, October 13, 2006

Fun WithThe Future

Sure I could write about North Korea, or Bob Woodward’s book. or K-Fed’s sexist demands on Brittany Spears, but I’m going to pick up my crystal ball for some future fun. On there is a ranking of potential vice-presidential candidates for 2008. This list hasn’t been updated lately, so I thought I’d do a little work on it.
First, I’m going to separate the list into Democratic and Republican groups. Then I’m going to make assumptions about who gets the Presidential nomination for each party.


This assumes either Hillary Clinton or Al Gore is the nominee for President.

1. Mark Warner (former Gov.-VA): Left the Presidential race, jumps to the lead here. Popular two-term Governor of a southern state the Dems can fantasize about winning.

2. Bill Richardson (Gov. – NM): Latino Governor of a southwestern state that will be a tight race. Has a great resume and strong centrist credentials. Still has Presidential dreams, but that can only help, as people will get to see him campaign.

3. Janet Napolitano (Gov. – AZ): I don’t know a lot about her, but she is winning a landslide re-election in a southwestern state the Democrats have a possible shot at winning in 2008 and that’s good enough for me. Not being a white male helps her chances.

4. Tom Vilsack (Gov.- IA): Centrist Governor of a tossup state and constantly mentioned as a top of ticket possibility. A Presidential run could help him escape from Warner’s shadow.

5. Bill Nelsen (Senator – FL): Well, that FL is all you need to know about the former astronaut’s appeal. On the other hand, a victory would lose the party a key Senate seat – but that might well be a price worth paying.

6. Former General (and Army Chief of Staff) Eric Shinseki: If he’s a Democrat, he could be a powerful element in attacking the Republican performance handling Iraq. Being a minority doesn’t hurt either.

7. Jon Stewart (Comedian – NY): Only if Man of the Year grosses over $150 million.


This assumes John McCain to be the GOP nominee – and I do.

1. Colin Powell (resume not needed): Won’t want to, but if McCain asks, will have trouble saying no and they would make a powerful 1-2 punch. That he has a different opinion about Iraq only helps, since it demonstrates McCain’s flexibility.

2. Chuck Hagel (Sen. – NE): Another independent-minded Republican with a different take on the war. Solid conservative credentials, with a broad appeal to the center.

3. Mike Huckabee (Gov.- AR): Has some Presidential aspirations of his own. Very strong with religious right and Arkansas could be a state that needs to be tied down.

4. Mitt Romney (Gov, - MA): Republican Governors of blue states have a natural appeal and Mitt has some Presidential aspirations as well. Being a Mormon doesn’t help, since Utah is safely in the GOP column.

5. Rudy Giuliani (9/11 Icon – NYC): Would be higher, but I can’t think of a less likely person to function as a #2 on the campaign trail. Still, has lots of popularity and, well, is Rudy.

6. Condi Rice (Katie Couric’s friend – DC): Was the clear and obvious choice prior to Woodward’s book. Now looks like seriously damaged goods – would McCain (or anyone) really want a running-mate who has to defend her actions prior to 9/11? And her closeness to Bush could actually be a severe liability when discussing Iraq.

7. Dennis Miller (Comedian – CA): Only if Man of the Year grosses $200 million


Blogger Charlie said...

Great list!

2:01 PM  
Blogger Barry Rubinowitz said...

Thanks, Charlie -- I see your a Hagel fan...the GOP could do a lot worse, but then, from my perspective, they usually do.

12:43 PM  

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