Thursday, January 18, 2007

And I'm No Kid Myself

Along with Muhammad Ali, here are things that make me feel old:

Barack Obama – a new generation of politician running generation, the old one

Sally Field – Gidget has osteoporosis and does commercials to her fellow elderly women so they can deal with their deteriorating bones. We really really like her, but don’t hug her too hard or something might break.

Medicine Commercials – I pay attention to all of them now, just in case some new miracle cure has been invented to fix something I have or surely will any minute.

Old People Commercials – the use of sixties music (“Time of the Season”) and sixties jargon (groovy) to sell retirement accounts.

Obituaries – my father used to read the obituaries daily and was mocked by my brother and me -- ”checking to see if you’re there, Dad?” Now I check them regularly and just like my father, I’m amazed at how young (their sixties) some of these people were.

Mailings From Mortuaries – which basically say, “at your age, you could die at any minute, so better buy a hole in the ground”

Woodstock – My having been at Woodstock used to make me sort of cool, now it’s like saying I was in the Civil War. The 1960‘s were my formative decade. Let’s do this as an SAT answer – me: the sixties = my parents: Roaring Twenties

And of course...mirrors.


Blogger samG said...

A few more come to mind:

Dick Clark has slurred speech.

The offspring of of ball players we watched growing are now at or near retirement age e.g. Barry Bonds, Ken Griffey Jr, Moises Alou.

We are well beyond the range (18-49) that advertisers, at least according to Nielsen, target with their TV ads.

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