Monday, August 27, 2007

Monday Mishegas

Alberto Gonzalez is resigning as Attorney General. Yes, another fine man done in by political bickering. Considering his clear mental handicap, you’d think he would be protected by the Americans With Disabilities Act. If only the Bush administration knew it existed, they might have used it to protect him. Fortunately, Fredo won’t remember any of this unpleasantness – or anything else, apparently.

Burglars broke into Sen. Chris Dodd’s Hartford office over the weekend, taking some undisclosed items. I hope this Watergate-ish episode doesn’t derail the Dodd campaign juggernaut.

Fred Thompson plans on announcing his campaign just after Labor Day, using a video to do the job. The video will start with the Law and Order theme music and Thompson will cite his depth of experience as his strong point, having played not just a tough on crime DA, but a CIA Director (“No Way Out”), a White House Chief of Staff (“In The Line of Fire”), and three Presidents, one fictional (“Last Best Chance”), and two real (“Rachel and Andrew Jackson: A Love Story” and “Bury My Heart At Wounded Knee”). His extensive military service includes a Captain (“Flight of the Intruder”), a Lt. Col. (China Beach), a Major General (“Fat Man and Little Boy”), and a Rear Admiral (“Hunt For Red October”) – talk about working your way up through the ranks. He can also point about how favorably this compares with Ronald Reagan, who was a football player and baby sat a monkey.

Likely primary voters and caucus goers in early states were asked how familiar they were with the healthcare plans of various candidates and almost candidates, including Fred Thompson. In Nevada 29% said they were familiar with Thompson's healthcare plan. In New Hampshire it was 15%, in Iowa 18%, in Florida it was 22% and in South Carolina 24% had some idea about his plan. It’s great to see so many people paying such intense attention to the campaign this early. It would be more impressive if Thompson actually had a health care plan – he doesn’t. Still, he played a doctor once (“Class Action”), so he knows the issues intimately.


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