Friday, April 11, 2008

Oh Just Shut Up

Last night, Bill Clinton, for reasons known only to Bill Clinton, decided to attack the press and defend Hillary by saying that Hillary’s Bosnia lie was a “misstatement” that she made “once, late at night” then “immediately corrected”. Of course, she made it several times, all during the day, and didn’t immediately correct anything -- but truth and Bill Clinton are pretty much complete strangers. The best part of it all was his excusing the “misstatement” by saying she’s 60 years old and “when some of you are 60, you’ll have trouble remembering things late at night, too”. Really, he said that. The former Whoremaster-In-Chief is clearly losing it. Maybe he just hasn’t had any nookie lately. Maybe he’s having his own senior moments. Maybe he just thinks he can say anything and no one will care. But if that isn’t the stupidest thing anyone has ever said, I’d like to hear the winner. That’s it, point out that your wife is a)old, b)vulnerable to foggy thinking because she is old, and c) really shaky late at night. No wonder he thinks it would be a good race between her and John McCain – she would be the kid in that battle and they could each take CAT scans to see whose brain activity is soundest.
Apparently, when word of this got back to Hillary, the former First Enabler called her husband and told him to shut up. This morning he attacked the press some more and put his foot further in his big lying mouth. I just don’t get the appeal of these corrupt scum. They did everything they could to destroy the Democratic party in the nineties and if given a chance, will finish the job over the next four years. For the sake of the party and the country, the Clintons must be stopped. Now is the time for all good men (and women) to come to the aid of the party – I pray they do and end the madness.

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