Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Cowards and Frauds

The Democrats, led by the unctuous Harry Reid, have caved on Iraq funding. They had a chance to take a real stand, to fight the President and demand a timeline, or at least include benchmarks with teeth in them, but instead sold out for a minimum wage increase and few other funding issues. They will give some of them, including the Presidential candidates, who have been silent regarding the so-called compromise, and the Speaker of the House herself, who has said she won’t vote for the funding portion, a fig leaf in the form of a separate vote on war funding. In the end though, the funding will pass because the sections will be combined. That is the essence of the fraud, allowing Clinton, Obama, et al to say they voted against the funding section, then later voting for the whole bill to support the minimum wage increase and Katrina money.
Russ Feingold, the man who should be President, has spoken out against the fraud and cowardice, but there are too few with the courage to truly engage in the fight. Why not call Bush’s bluff, why not make him veto the bill again, with the promise that there will never be any other kind of bill coming? Why not make him the one who cut off spending through his own bloodthirsty demand for an open-ended commitment to the savagery? Why not – because they are cowards and frauds and an embarrassment to the majority of Americans who want this war to end. They have forfeited the issue in 2008 because they have shown they are cowards and will never accomplish anything in the face of a President who believes in the pointless death of our brave soldiers to preserve his own ego. They have allowed the lying scum in the Oval Office to laugh at them and the rest of us who truly care about the lives and welfare of the soldiers in the field. Democrats have had enough of this crap. Americans have had enough of this crap. Reid should resign as majority leader and make way for someone with the guts to lead and the guts to really take on an unpopular and murderous President. Surely there must be one man or woman of true courage and integrity in the leadership. Who will save us from the merchants of death?


Blogger sam.gurka5 said...

Once again, it is hard to disagree. The Democrats lost this fight on the political battlefield. They allowed the funding debate to be about "supporting our troops" which implied not depriving of them of the material they needed to continue to be sitting ducks in a pointless civil war in which we can't identify the good guys (It can't be the Maliki government supported by Iran; I guess it must be the sunni insurgents supported by Saudi Arabia). The Democrats were incapable of making the case (and Reid in a total incompetent) that supporting the troops meant bringing them home or, at the very least, taking them out from the middle of civil war in which we don't know which side to support. They couldn't make the case that we would keep troops there over a finite period of time, slowly withdrawing them, and if "W" chose to leave them there after the funding ran out, it was he and the de facto President Cheney who left them there abandoned.

The level of mendacity and demagoguery is unprecedented in my life time viewing American politics. Again, this week, "W" trotted the names Bin Laden and Al Qaeda in reference to Iraq. Do these people have any morality at all; any soul; any caring for the lives of teenage men and women who are dying for the legacy of a man incapable of handling the responsibilities of a baseball owner let along the weighty geo-political turmoil of the 21st century.

It is an incredible made all the more infuriating by a emasculated opposition.

11:52 AM  
Blogger Barry Rubinowitz said...

To be fair to some of them -- Clinton and Obama voted against the final bill, as did Chris Dodd,and in the House, Nancy Pelosi.
It is more than ironic that as unpopular as the war is, the Dems bailed on the confrontation for purely political reasons. The sad part is that it may be accurate, that they would rather be free to rail against the war rather than have to defend the cutoff of funds. We can only hope that in the coming months the Presidential candidates will become the leaders we need.

9:24 PM  
Blogger sam.gurka5 said...

I wonder why Biden felt the need to vote the funding?

11:29 AM  

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