Friday, November 16, 2007

Nevada Debate -- The Empire Strikes Back

The most notable part of last night’s Democratic debate was how slanted it was toward Hillary Clinton. Wolf Blitzer started out by asking her questions that helped her, then he asked negative questions of Obama and Edwards. He had no control and randomly chose who got to answer what, always making sure she got a shot. On driver’s licenses for illegal aliens, Hillary simply said she was against it – now a real moderator might have pointed out that this is a different position than she had last time, but not Wolf. The Clinton campaign leaked to the Drudge Report (Matt Drudge apparently is thrilled to carry Hillary’s water these days) how much they loved Blitzer. Then there was the audience – packed with Clinton supporters, they cheered her lines on cue and booed anyone who said anything bad about her or even disagreed with her by name. One Clinton thug actually yelled out something while Obama was speaking, as if trying to shout him down. Blitzer’s reaction? Nothing. No admonition to the audience at any point at all. Then, to wrap up a Presidential debate, Campbell Brown, having been pretty decent throughout the evening, earned her CNN cash by asking Hillary the fluffiest question possible, designed to mock those who question her waffling: “pearls or diamonds?” It was a pathetic exhibition by the former news giant.
In the debate itself, Hillary did well, I guess, if you like whining. You see, whenever anyone had the temerity to attack her, she immediately accused them of doing the Republicans job by “slinging mud” -- then she attacked back. The Wicked Witch of the East was in peak form, using every technique from the Karl Rove text. She didn’t plant any questions, although with Blitzer there, she didn’t have to.
I’m getting tired of these debates. The one last week had some merit, in that Matthews and Russert made some effort to pin people down and not coddle Hillary. But it’s getting harder and harder to watch them without wishing it was time to vote.
My ratings after this one:
1. Edwards: Fighting hard but the mainstream media has no desire to have him in the race, since two people are all they have time to cover
2. Dodd: Didn’t get to say much, still solid, but ultimately irrelevant.
3. Biden: Still knows his stuff, but still has no traction at all. He and Dodd are the guys who would be solid Presidents and have little to no chance.
4. Obama: Weak performance, bungled the driver’s license question. Seems to be seeking a middle ground politically which may end up hurting him because he seems to be taking the unpopular route on many issues. Personal story and charisma will have to overcome his unsteadiness.
5. Richardson: Not exciting, can’t see anyone voting for him in the long run.
6. Kucinich: Right on many things, wrong on others, at least he’s honest.
7. Clinton: The stench is rising and the question is whether it fills enough noses to defeat her before it’s too late. My guess is that it won’t, which will be a disaster for the party and the country.

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Blogger Vote For Hillary Online said...

This is nothing but yet another reason to attack and smear Hillary. I actually thought it was a pretty valid question.

9:46 PM  
Blogger sam.gurka5 said...

I actually think it is a strong group of candidates. I'm still leaning toward Biden, for the simple reas that he is the most qualified and would make the best President although I'm drawn to Obama by his Kennedyesque appeal (young family, attractive wife, Harvard) plus I like the message of electing a black man with the name Barrack Hussein Obama. I like Richardson although he suffers on style points rather than substance. The more Edwards talks, the less impressed I become.

3:39 PM  
Blogger Barry Rubinowitz said...

I'm not sure which question VFHO thought was valid -- I'll guess "diamonds or pearls", which is clearly a defining issue in the minds of many HRC backers.

11:44 AM  
Blogger Barry Rubinowitz said...

I am actually more impressed with Edwards every time I see him. He's finally demonstrating the toughness needed to be President and is the one most forcefully taking on the Clinton monster (along with Dodd, who has been terrific). On a personal level, Edwards was in town last week and walked a picket line with me (and shook my hand when he saw my Edwards button), unlike Hillary, who was also in town but couldn't be bothered, since it might hurt her fundraising efforts with her new bff, Rupert Murdoch.

11:50 AM  

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