Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Waiting On Line

I just got back from voting and there was, for the first time ever, a line. Normally I walk right in, this time there was a 45 minute wait. The weather is nice here in Southern California, but it still is amazing that the turnout is so high.
There was a black couple on line who took pictures of each other standing there. I said to the man, "Something to show your grandchildren?" He smiled and said "yes". I said to him, "I've told people that I can't imagine any African-American not voting today and keeping every evidence of having done so." He said, with a slight accent, "I flew in last night from England. I went to the embassy to vote, but they told me I had to have registered a while ago to do that. So I purchased a ticket, which was quite expensive at the last minute, and flew back here." I said, "and it's not like your vote matters that much -- you just had to bear witness." He said, "yes, I did."
As I left, I saw his wife taking his picture again,this time with him smiling and pointing to his "I VOTED" sticker. It was a special moment for him and for me too.


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