Sunday, October 29, 2006

Enough Already

I've tried to keep this blog about bigger things than my own personal likes and dislikes, but I've had enough -- I hate the Chevy truck commercial with that incredibly annoying John Mellencamp "Our Country" song. It was on every other inning during the World Series, is on every ten minutes during every football game, and has forced me to watch sports with my remote in my hand so I can turn off the sound the second the music starts. The stunning mediocrity of the song, the images chosen to go with the peurile lyrics ("a time to stand and fight" being illustrated by scenes from Vietnam, of all things), the pathetic attempt to echo This Land Is Your Land, and the lame sing-songy melody are all burrowing a hole in my brain. I hate Mellencamp, I hate Chevrolet, I hate the ad agency responsible for this abomination, and it's starting to make me hate every image conjured up in the service of selling Chevy trucks to the retards they are obviously aimed at. If this is how they think they can sell their piece of crap vehicles, then it's obvious why GM loses billions. On the other hand, if they want to get information out of the prisoners at Gitmo, no need for waterboarding, just keep playing these commercials for them as often as they play them on football games. Just make sure the International Red Cross isn't around when you do it, since it's clearly intolerable cruelty.


Blogger samG said...

Very funny although I'm not as upset as you are. Chevy makes junk and appeals to patriotism are a last resort when price and quality don't work. I'm more offended by the obvious directive from CBS sports for all of their on camera people to wear a large flag in their lapel. I've stopped watching their pre and post game shows, not that I ever watch much of it anyway. Anyone who doesn't think that wearing a lapel flag or placing a ribbon on your car is a political statement is kidding themselves. My guess is 100% of the people who wear a lapel flag voted for W (the exception being Joseph Biden who has recently taken to wearing one).

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